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Fundraising ideas for CLCs

Need ideas on how to generate ideas for funding your CLC?  Start here.


Around $30 billion in grants is given out each year in Australia by various levels of government as well as philanthropic, community, corporate trusts and foundations. So how do you tap into these... > more

Donations and appeal letters

Donations can come from clients, suppliers, ex staff, volunteers and people who attend your events. People who have been in contact with your group are much more likely to donate to you than those... > more


Sponsorship is a win-win opportunity for your CLC and the sponsoring organisation. Sponsors will provide you with money, while you provide them with a great opportunity to show how they are... > more


What is crowdfunding? Oxford Dictionary defines crowdfunding as the “practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small... > more


Community Legal Centres Queensland has joined with Justice Connect and other signatories of the Joint Statement on Fundraising Reform to call on Governments across Australia to #fixfundraising by... > more