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Who are the QLD Pharmacotherapy Advocacy & Mediation Service (QPAMS)

What is QPAMS?

QPAMS is a support service for people who are on opiate treatment and people wanting to access or find out more about opiate treatment.

QPAMS is free and confidential

QPAMS is a peer based service- meaning it is run by and for people who use drugs and people on opiate treatment.

QPAMS is available to people across QLD

How can QPAMS help?

QPAMS can provide you with support and information regarding around being on opiate treatments (Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex and others)

QPAMS can offer you referral information to opiate treatment service providers

QPAMS can help resolve any issues you may be having whilst on treatment

QPAMS can advocate on your behalf with your clinic, GP, pharmacy or treatment service

QPAMS can offer a space to be heard by someone who understands

How can I access QPAMS?

QPAMS is open Monday – Friday during business hours

QPAMS is a free call number  1800 175 889

QPAMS is based at the QuIHN Office 1 Hamilton Place Bowen Hills

If you would any further information or QPAMS brochures and posters to display at your service, then please contact Niki on

Click here to go the QuIHN website and find out more about QPAMS