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Child Protection

Community Legal Centres Queensland believes that all children deserve protection from all forms of violence, wherever it may occur, and that the best interests of the child are paramount. 

Community Legal Centres Queensland supports the Convention on the Rights of the Child, on which all decisions regarding children should be based.

Community Legal Centres Queensland promotes

  • services aimed at preventing the entry of children into the child protection system, including through provision of advocacy and legal advice services;
  • strict adherence to the law, principle and policy in relation to child protection interventions and placements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children;
  • strong accountability mechanisms in the child protection system;
  • high standards of professional qualification and experience in selection of child protection employees and carers;
  • support for carers;
  • the implementation of a robust, independent, readily accessible complaints and advocacy mechanism for young people in care; 
  • Improved transition-from-care planning and arrangements, and support after exiting the child protection system.

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