Assessing organisational and Board performance through a strategic risk lens

As our sector continues to work through the longer term aftermath of the pandemic, the organisational implications and lessons that can be drawn from this ultimate example of a low probability / high impact event should be matters for ongoing Board reflection.

In this webinar, Michelle Cutler (former Chief Operating Officer at CLCs Australia) will provide guidance about how Board members can ensure their CLC is ready for the next large-scale crisis, the lessons that need to be drawn from the pandemic, the questions that Boards and CEOs should be looking to answer in assessing organisational viability through a strategic risk lens, and how to measure Board performance to ensure its equipped to govern effectively.

This webinar is available free of charge to employees of Queensland based Community Legal Centres.

Non-Qld CLCs and people from the private or other sectors are welcome to attend the webinar but will need to pay the registration fee.

Register via Humanitix:

Registrations close at 5pm on 9 October.

For more information, please contact Community Legal Centres Queensland:

Event Details

Date: October 10, 2023
Time: 11am - 12pm (Qld time)
Cost: Free for CLCQ members, $20 for registrations for non-CLCQ member organisations.
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland
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