Claims for survivors of sexual abuse: Changes to the National Redress Scheme and common law claims

April 6, 2021,

The Commonwealth Government recently passed the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Amendment Bill 2020 (Cth), which alters the funder of last resort provisions and makes other minor changes to the National Redress Scheme. However, these changes arguably don’t go far enough to make real, substantial reforms that genuinely meet the needs of survivors, fill urgent and critical gaps in the scheme, and ensure survivors can access justice, in line with the recommendations from the Royal Commission.

In this webinar, Michelle James, Principal Lawyer, Queensland Law Society personal injuries accredited specialist and National Head of Abuse Law at Maurice Blackburn discusses:

  • Overview of the Redress Scheme, including the recent changes and participating institutions
  • Who is eligible to access Redress and the application process
  • Common law claims
  • Overview of the assessment framework
  • Redress v common law comparisons
  • Suggested changes to ensure the scheme stays true to the Royal Commission recommendations.
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