Disability Support Pension: Eligibility, Challenges and Resources

Disability Support Pension
June 10, 2021, 11am-12pm
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland


Often, clients and their advocates find the DSP legislation – the qualification criteria, the impairment tables and the program of support requirement – to be overwhelmingly complex and problematic to apply, and that many people with severe disability are refused payment.

In this webinar, Dermott Williams, Community Lawyer with Social Security Rights Victoria’s ‘DSP Help’ Project, will give an overview of the eligibility criteria and the challenging claim and assessment processes.

He’ll outline some of the common issues which applicants face when claiming DSP, with a quick demonstration of DSP Help – an innovative interactive online resource aimed at making the claim process easier through the provision of clear and helpful information.

Concerted policy advocacy regarding these issues has paid off, with the recent announcement of a Senate Committee inquiry into the purpose, intent and adequacy of the DSP (submissions closing on 25 June 2021). Dermott will provide an overview of the inquiry and the importance of the committee hearing client stories.

Background reading (optional – don’t let it scare you off!)

This webinar is presented in partnership with Economic Justice Australia

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