Engaging effectively with clients experiencing or at risk of homelessness

March 30, 2021,

Working with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness can bring challenges for community legal centres and non-legal support services. Homelessness is associated with a range of civil and criminal law issues, including consumer debt, fines, victims of crime and tenancy disputes. These legal issues may compound a person’s financial disadvantage, and create significant barriers to securing a safe and sustainable tenancy.

Drawing on experiences from LawRight’s casework, this webinar provides practical strategies to engage with this vulnerable client group, as well as evidence-based best practices CLCs can implement to assist their clients in resolving their legal issues.

This session, presented by Fleur Hopkins (Lawyer), Natasha Ramsay (Financial Counsellor) and Kurt Maroske (Project Officer) from the Community and Health Justice Partnerships team at LawRight, covers:

  • working effectively with clients at risk of or experiencing homelessness;
  • the legal issues frequently associated with homelessness; and
  • the importance of collaboration between legal and non-legal support services.

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