Estimating legal needs for CLC planning and reporting purposes

Legal Needs Dashboard
September 29, 2021, 1pm-2pm
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland

Getting a better understanding of legal need in the community is a key aspect of planning legal services. This involves not only understanding the extent of legal need, but also the nature and geographic location of this need.

While CLCs are generally well placed to have an understanding of the needs of their clients and communities, legal need can be estimated more comprehensively with the help of data.

In this webinar, Delphine Bellerose and Geoff Mulherin from the Law and Justice Foundation will discuss how CLCs can bring together data from commonly used data sources to provide an evidence-based approach to estimating legal needs.

The webinar will also introduce resources available to support the legal assistance sector with service planning, including LJF’s National Legal Needs Dashboard.

The National Legal Needs Dashboard helps identify potential legal needs through a series of indicators drawn from a range of data sources, and at various levels of geography, from the national down to the local level.  Using examples to showcase the dashboard’s different features, the webinar will include a practical tutorial demonstration and will leave participants equipped to access and use the dashboard for their own planning purposes.


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