Healthcare decisions in Queensland – Whose decision is it?

Health decision making
November 9, 2021, 12pm-1pm
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland

When it comes to healthcare decision-making, do we focus enough on the Presumption of Capacity of the individual?

Join ADA Law and the UQ Pro Bono Centre for this free webinar for legal and healthcare professionals providing a detailed look at who can decide about receiving or refusing healthcare under law in Queensland, including:

  • relevant legislation
  • presumption of capacity
  • steps for obtaining consent or refusal
  • human rights and the importance of supported decision-making
  • when to defer to substitute decision-makers and hierarchy.

The webinar will also provide information about how CLCs can work with UQ Pro Bono Centre to develop CLE materials.

Please submit any questions or pose scenarios to the ADA Law team when you register so they can address key issues in the presentation.

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