Managing employment contracts where program funding is coming to an end

Managing employment contracts when program funding is coming to an end
May 2, 2023, 11am-12pm (Qld time)
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland

Working within the constraints of government funding presents unique challenges for managers. While employees on fixed term contracts may be aware that their term is coming to an end, and that further employment is not guaranteed, it is never easy delivering the news to an employee that their employment is ending. Or – if limited funding has been approved – who do you choose, and how? What is a fair and equitable process? What are the legal considerations and risks in any process?

This webinar, presented by MinterEllison Senior Associate Aroha Greenwood, will cover:

  • using the stages of the Employee Life Cycle Model to your advantage in planning
  • legal considerations when preparing fixed term employment contracts
  • determining who to offer further contracts to: creating a fair and transparent process
  • legal risks and challenges.
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