Mandatory COVID vaccination in Queensland’s community legal centres and not-for-profits

COVID vaccination
November 30, 2021, 11am-12pm (Queensland time)
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland

On 9 November 2021, the Queensland Government released its Public Health and Social Measures COVID vaccine plan, which introduces a range of public health measures based on vaccination status for Queenslanders over the age of 16 years, which is due to commence on 17 December 2021 (or as soon as the 80% vaccination target is reached).

This plan has implications for community legal centres (CLCs) and other not-for-profit organisations, who may be delivering legal and social work services in different contexts and settings, such as providing legal advice in prisons, delivering community legal education to the community, and visiting aged care centres. In addition, as employers, CLCs have obligations under work health and safety, human rights, discrimination and industrial relations legislation.

This webinar, presented by Mackenzie Wakefield, lawyer in the Employment and Industrial Law section at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, will examine:

  • An employer’s legal obligations arising from COVID-19 public health orders in Queensland
  • Providing directions to staff, including a direction to get vaccinated (taking into consideration discrimination and other relevant issues)
  • Whether employers are required to consult with staff before implementing key changes and best practice consultation strategies/tools to use
  • Responding to staff concerns with new the safety measures
  • Dealing with non-compliance by staff and/or staff who are vaccine hesitant
  • Privacy considerations, particularly when requesting proof of vaccination and other personal information from staff
  • Relevant case studies.
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