NACLC National Data Consistency Guide

July 18, 2019, 1pm

NACLC (National Association of Community Legal Centres) has been developing a Data Consistency Guide with community legal centres and family violence prevention legal services across Australia. The aim of the Guide is to help centres understand the Service Types that underpin CLASS (Community Legal Assistance Services System), as well as government reporting requirements.

In this webinar, Polly Porteous from NACLC provides training in the main service types, and talks through where NACLC has landed on some of the big controversies – for example, when does one Legal Task start and end? How should centres record ongoing legal matters that fall short of representation? Polly refers to the revised online Data Consistency Guide, and opens up discussion about any tricky areas.

This webinar is for community legal centre and family violence prevention legal centre staff and volunteers only.

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