Practicing healthy boundaries for relationships at home and work

October 22, 2020, 11am-12pm

Boundaries are the dividing lines between us and others, symbolising where we end and someone else begins. This webinar will explore how healthy boundaries – within your personal and professional life – can enhance your relationships and create a sense of personal empowerment and resilience.

You’ll begin to develop an understanding for how your own emotional, behavioural and cognitive patterns influence how boundaries play out in your daily life. Then through a series of experiential practices and suggested strategies, you’ll learn ways to revise any unhelpful patterns so you can establish new and sustainable ways of relating, resolving conflicts and expressing your needs.

This webinar is presented by Dr Mendy Neralic, Clinical Psychologist. The passion in Mendy’s work is leading people to be active agents in their own lives by choosing how to respond to life’s challenges. Through a combination of somatic (body), cognitive (mind) and spirit based approaches, Mendy teaches people to take responsibility for changing life-long patterns and become their empowered selves.

This webinar follows on from Dr Mendy’s previous CLCQ webinar From reacting to responding in a time of change – Fostering self awareness and resilience.

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