‘The Value of Trust’: Advocacy implications from the report into the Public Trustee’s fees, charges and practices

The Value of Trust
May 6, 2021, 1.00 - 2.00pm
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland

Where an adult has impaired capacity to manage their financial affairs, QCAT may appoint the Public Trustee as their financial administrator. As administrator, the Public Trustee’s power over clients’ financial position, human rights and wellbeing is wide-ranging. The Public Trustee charges a range of fees for its services. It has legislative authority to set those fees, and some discretion to decide whether or not to provide the services and/or charge the fees.

In early March, the Attorney-General tabled the Public Advocate’s systemic report into the Public Trustee’s fees and charges, policies and practices and how they impact approximately 10,000 Queenslanders under financial administration.

In this webinar, solicitors Jo Sampford from LawRight, and Rebecca Anderson from ADA Law, will overview the key themes and findings of the Public Advocate’s report, the Public Trustee’s response and observations from the Public Trustee’s first forays into organisational and cultural change. It will include case examples and practical tips to help you advise and advocate for clients who have questions or concerns about the Public Trustee’s management of their affairs.

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