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There are great opportunities to build on relationships between community legal centres and researchers, to ensure meaningful access to justice across Australia.

Each year, Australia’s community legal centres provide legal help to over 200,000 vulnerable people, across family, criminal and civil law. Our data collection tool collects more than fifty different types of information about each client, and our legal work covers a large number of legal areas.

This is a rich and underused resource for researchers interested in how real people experience the law, its structures and processes.

What is a CLC factsheet

Definitions and background information on the type of work a community legal centre undertakes. > more

Queensland Legal Services Plan

Community Legal Centres Queensland recently completed work with Queensland CLCs to develop a Queensland Community Legal Services Plan (QCLSP). The QCLSP engaged centres in planning better coordinated... > more

Recent Research Reports for the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission published six pieces of research on various legal questions. The Royal Commission’s intention is to give you a glimpse of the work which, should you wish to follow it up > more

Who are the QLD Pharmacotherapy Advocacy & Mediation Service (QPAMS)

What is QPAMS? QPAMS is a support service for people who are on opiate treatment and people wanting to access or find out more about opiate treatment. QPAMS is free and confidential QPAMS is a peer... > more

Anti Discrimination Law Overview

In this webinar Legal Aid Queensland explains the law on discrimination includeing: Explain grounds/attributes on which unlawful discrimination can occur Explain areas of public life in which... > more

Elder Abuse in Australia

A recent report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, provided an overview of Elder Abuse in Australia including its characteristics, context, and prevention. Considered were the... > more

What is best practice in Pro Bono

The Australian Pro Bono Centre released a new guide to best practice in the provision of pro bono legal services by large and mid-size law firms in Australia. Chair of the Centre, Phillip Cornwell, a... > more

ASIC's Simple Money Manager

The Simple Money Manager is a free online budgeting resource designed to help culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Australians with everyday budgeting to take control of their finances. ASIC... > more

AHURI: Reviewing changes to housing management on remote Indigenous communities

The shortage of housing in remote communities, and their deteriorated condition, has long been associated with high levels of crowding, homelessness and serious health and social problems affecting... > more

Protecting Children online module

Protecting children is everyone's responsibility and one of the most important jobs there is. Every single child deserves to feel safe, cared for, protected and able to reach their full potential.... > more

Common use of documentation and written resources among legal services

Ashurt Law Firm's presentation on the Common use of documentation and written resources among legal services: This presentation is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all developments in the... > more

Domestic violence videos in six languages

Communify Qld has recently produced community education videos on domestic and family violence in Russian, Mandarin, Amharic, Farsi and Bengali, all featuring bilingual presenters from the community... > more

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights: Human Rights Scrutiny Report

Under the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act 2011 (the Act), the committee is required to examine bills, Acts and legislative instruments for compatibility with human rights, and report its... > more

Report on Child neglect: key concepts and risk factors

This report provides an overview of the key concepts in defining neglect and a systematic review of reviews investigating the common risk factors for neglect. The NSW Department of Family and... > more

What is an Independent Children's Lawyer?

Legal Aid have developed a Fact Sheet and webpage about Independent Children's Lawyers.  > more

Advocate’s Guide to Involuntary Treatment Orders

Queensland Advocacy Inc (QAI) has published the Advocate’s Guide to Involuntary Treatment Orders. The Guide is intended to assist lawyers and non-lawyers to provide representation and advocacy before... > more

Pro Bono Manual by the Law Society of England and Wales

Through a mixture of commentary, advice, precedents and background information, the manual provides practical help and advice for organisations seeking to develop or expand their pro bono practices.... > more

The Cashless Debit Card evaluation: does it really prove success?

This Topical Issues paper asks whether the the Cashless Debit Card trial is achieving its stated objectives. Social policy analyst Eva Cox has highlighted many of the problems with the survey design... > more

Deciding whether you should help with supervision.

Legal Aid have put out a new factsheet for people considering becoming involved with supervision of children spending time with their parents.  > more

Advocate’s Guide to Involuntary Treatment Orders

Earlier this year, QAI published the Advocate’s Guide to Involuntary Treatment Orders. The Guide is intended to assist lawyers and non-lawyers to provide representation and advocacy before the Mental... > more

LegalVision NewLaw White Paper

A new White Paper on the future of law and innovative solutions for clients. > more

The opportunities, risks and possibilities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness

Inquiry into social impact investment for housing and homelessness outcomes for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute. This report is the first of three project reports to be released... > more

What happens when your parents go to court?

Legal Aid has released a new information page and two new factsheets, one for teenagers and one for children, answering questions on 'what happens when your parents go to court'.  > more

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Queensland Advocacy Inc. has published a factsheet that sets out when and how a person may be treated with Electroconvulsive Therapy. > more

Documenting Collaborative Relationships

Community Legal Centres Queensland has developed a resource called, 'Documenting Collaborative Relationships'. This resource is a brief guide for community legal centers to document their... > more

Targeting Anti-Smoking Efforts for Disadvantaged Population Groups

Australia now has the lowest rates of tobacco smoking in the world.  A number of measures have contributed to this, including taxation, plain packaging, advertising restrictions and restrictions on... > more

Having a grandchild in your care

Legal Aid has produced a new factsheet providing information for those who have grandchildren in their care.  > more

Chief Psychiatrist Policies

Queensland Advocacy Inc. made submissions on the first round of draft Chief Psychiatrist Policies that will be implemented under the new Mental Health Act 2016 (Qld). The Chief Psychiatrist Policies... > more

Legal Health Check

Legal Health Check training modules and resources for Legal Assistance Services are available here. These resources are the products of the DJAG funded LHC Project 2014/16 and include findings from... > more

Australian Clinical Legal Education (ACLE)

'Australian Clinical Legal Education (ACLE): Designing and operating a best practice clinical program in an Australian law school' has been published online and in hard copy by ANU Press. This is the... > more

It's Time To Face Up To Child Abuse

One quarter (25%) of people in Australia believe someone they know has been a victim of child abuse or neglect, new research reveals. The research carried out by Act for Kids found that while almost... > more

Are you going to lose your driver licence?

Legal Aid has put out a new factsheet for people who are in danger of losing their driver licence.  > more

Queensland Handbook for Practitioners on Legal Capacity

Queensland Advocacy Inc. published the Queensland Handbook for Practitioners on Legal Capacity to assist Queensland lawyers in supporting vulnerable clients and increasing access to justice for... > more

To investigate how the community legal sector can be sustainable by pro-actively diversifying funding streams - USA

For Australian CLCs to be successful in generating broad financial support for its work there are challenges and opportunities at 3 different levels of the community. The report specifically focusses... > more

LexisNexis and NACLC Partnership

As part of the NACLC and LexisNexis partnership to promote the rule of law, through the provision of high quality, contemporaneous online legal resources to our sector, CLCs now have access to a new... > more

Transformation of mortality in a remote Australian Aboriginal community: a retrospective observational study

This article outlines trends in ages and causes of death in a remote-living Australian Aboriginal group over a fifty-year period. Objectives To describe trends in ages and causes of death in a remote... > more

Consent orders, parenting orders and parenting plans guide

Legal Aid has developed a factsheet for parents facing consent orders and parenting orders and provides guidance for parenting plans.  > more

Legal glossary

Have you ever struggled to write a clear and concise explanation for a legal term, or had someone ask you what a legal term means and mulled over how to find the right explanation? Victoria Law... > more

Resources for veterans, active military personnel and their families

LawHelp Interactive hosts online forms created specifically for veterans and active military and their families. The forms have been available since circa 2010, and are accessed through stateside... > more

Seeking help for domestic violence: exploring rural women's coping experiences

This study engaged with five different types of social and geographical locations at sites in South Australia and Western Australia to explore how isolation affects different women’s abilities to... > more

The top 10 things your client needs to know about credit and debt

Legal Aid held a free webinar on 'The top 10 things your client needs to know about credit and debt' for community workers, in March 2016.  > more

Launch of AusLSA's 2016 Legal Sector Sustainability Insight Report

The report was launched by Stuart Clark AM, President of the Law Council of Australia earlier this month. AusLSA is a growing alliance of Australian law firms and strategic partners who work... > more

QCOSS Report - Senate Inquiry into Centrelink automated debt

Commonwealth Ombudsman's report on Centrelink debt recovery program to the policy area Robodebt program must be evaluated before expansion: Commonwealth Ombudsman COSS Network reiterates its call for... > more

The Foundations of a Well-Run Not-For-Profit Survey 2017

  The Australian not-for-profit sector is significant, diverse and continually adapting to change driven by community need, the economy and government. Change comes from both sides, in terms of the... > more

Best Practice in Pro Bono

The Australian Pro Bono Centre yesterday released a new guide to best practice in the provision of pro bono legal services by large and mid-size law firms in Australia. Chair of the Centre, Phillip... > more

When a child is missing

Queensland Family and Child Commissions Report into Queensland’s children missing from out-of-home care. > more

New Administrative Appeals Tribunal Fact Sheets

New fact sheets have been produced to help applicants prepare for AAT reviews of social security payment and child support decisions. The fact sheets answer questions about common types of review in... > more

Waiver of Transcript Fees due to Financial Hardship

Many clients represented by Community Legal Centres experience financial hardship which precludes them obtaining transcripts of Court events where they were a party to a proceeding, or victim in... > more

Research partnerships roundtable

In June 2016, the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) and Community Legal Centres Queensland co-hosted a research partnerships roundtable to showcase successful research... > more

Transaction technology in the legal industry

Lawyers Weekly conducted an online survey of 413 Australian legal professionals to gain insight into industry sentiment towards adopting new technologies that would assist in contracts of sale. Read... > more

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Submissions to Criminal Justice Consultation Paper Published

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has published over 70 submissions received from a range of individuals and organisations in response to its consultation paper... > more

Guidelines for Solicitors: Self-Represented Litigants

As part of the QLS Ethics Centre’s commitment to assist the profession to practice in an efficient, practical and ethical manner, we provide a number of complimentary resources and services to... > more

Coordinating community legal information and publications

This Community Legal Centres Queensland project was established to address concerns that there is unnecessary duplication of information and publications by Queensland’s legal assistance services. > more

ACOSS Federal Budget Analysis 2016-17

ACOSS also recently released its full Federal Budget Analysis 2016-17 revealing the impact this budget will have on Australian households. ACOSS states that the “main conclusion drawn from this... > more

Video on Understanding the Youth Justice System

Legal Aid Queensland have published a captioned recording of our webinar Understanding the youth justice system—what community workers need to know. You can view this recording on their You Tube... > more

Young People in the Child Protection and Youth Justice System

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare have published a report titled "Young people in child protection and under youth justice supervision 2014 - 15".  In this report, the authors utilised a... > more

Unwelcome visitors: Challenges faced by people visiting immigration detention

In recent years,  people who visit immigration detention have expressed concerns about changes to rules and practices that have limited access for people visiting in detention. The Refugee Council of... > more

Queensland Law Society Submissions made to the Human Rights Inquiry

Submissions made by Queensland Law Society to the Inquiry on 22 April have now been made publicly available. The Society's submissions put forward both the proponent and opponent views concerning... > more

Centre releases new pro bono editions

The Australian Pro Bono Centre has launched new editions of its two flagship companion publications, The Australian Pro Bono Manual – A practice guide and resource kit for law firms (3rd ed.) and Pro... > more

Penda App Website

Launched at Parliament House Canberra, the Penda App aims to break the cycle of domestic and family violence (DFV) by combining much-needed financial, personal safety and legal information with... > more

Community Legal Centres Queensland submission to the Human Rights Inquiry

This submission contains 28 recommendations; these recommendations are predicated on the core recommendation that Queensland should introduce a Human Rights Act (recommendation 5).  However, we... > more

QCAT review of decisions made by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

QPILCH factsheet dealing with Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) review of decisions made by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. > more

An overview of Legal Aid Queensland

Legal Aid Queensland hosted a webinar which provided particpants with information: About Legal Aid Queensland Their services Who is eligible for legal aid? Common myths about legal aid Their staff... > more

AICD NFP Governance and Performance Study

The AICD released the attached 40 page NFP directors survey report. The four key areas covered are Culture, Risk, Financial Sustainability and Reputation. Also included is detailed data at the end of... > more

'Enough is Enough'

Queensland’s community legal centres, already unable to meet demand for DV services, are facing Commonwealth Government budget cuts of almost 30% by 2017, hurting those we are trying to protect. The... > more

Presentation on engaging and working with interpreters

This presentation was made by the Accessing Interpreters, Queensland Accessing Interpreters Working group at the QCOSS conference. > more

End of Life Law Website - Australian Centre for Health Law Research

The Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) is delighted to announce the launch of its new website End of Life Law in Australia at About the website End... > more

Small Amount Loans and Payday Lending webinar

In this Legal Aid Queensland webinar, Paul Holmes, Senior lawyer, Civil Justice Services discusses small amount loans and payday lending.  This includes: Types of loans that are regulated Responsible... > more

Domestic and Family Violence Workplace Strategy

BNG NGO Services Online have released an information sheet of Domestic and Family Violence Workplace Strategy.  Introduction Domestic and family violence (DFV) is a serious workplace issue. It is in... > more

QCOSS’ Queensland’s wellbeing 2016 report

QCOSS’ Queensland’s wellbeing 2016 report pulls together a broad range of data that helps paint a clearer picture of where government and community could concentrate their energies and investment in... > more