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The evolving cyber security threat landscape

In this webinar, PwC will provide an overview of cyber security threats currently impacting the not-for-profit sector, with findings from their global threat intelligence team which researches and tracks the activities of cyber criminals and threat actor groups to understand their motivations and methods. This […]

Speaking from Experience: What needs to change to address workplace sexual harassment?

The Australian Human Rights Commission wants to hear from individuals who have been sexually harassed at work on what they think needs to change to make workplaces safer. The information gathered will help create resources to make workplaces safer for everyone. We want to hear from: […]

“Connect” with the new right to disconnect

In this webinar, Jacinda Gray and Nancy Katakis, Lawyers of Corrs Chambers Westgarth, will provide an overview of the new Right to Disconnect, the latest of the raft of recent Fair Work legislative reforms, and what this means practically for employers and employees alike. The […]


2024 Community Legal Centres Queensland Conference

Registrations for the 2024 Community Legal Centres Queensland Conference are now open. Don’t miss out on your chance to hear from an inspiring line up of speakers exploring a range of topics including: Applying First Nations cultural intelligence, knowledge sharing and ways of being & doing: […]

State of the Sector Report launched in Canberra

Community Legal Centres Australia’s State of the Sector 2022-23 survey report: A Sector in Crisis was launched by Commonwealth Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus KC MP on Monday 25 March 2024. The report paints a vivid picture of how chronic underfunding has pushed community legal centres to […]

Disaster Legal Help

Our thoughts are with all centres located in areas hit by extreme weather events over the Christmas and New Year period. Queensland is now experiencing compounding and cascading climate events. The long tail of community recovery from disasters means there will likely be an influx […]

Success Stories

Overturning refusal of parole address

Peter* is an Aboriginal man in his late 20s who is serving a sentence for robbery offences. He has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability and has limited literacy. He is in a long-term relationship with his partner and they have 3 children together, including […]

Townsville Community Law helps Sophie after she was scammed

Scams are getting harder to spot and can have a devestating impact on peoples lives. Sophie* attended a  Townsville Community Law outreach clinic after she had lost $13,000 through a text message spoofing scam. Sophie had received a text message that looked like it was […]

Advocating for autonomy and independence

Ahmed, a 75-year-old widower, was living alone in his own home until a health event resulted in a hospital admission. When Ahmed was admitted it appeared he was struggling to retain information and seemed confused. Hospital staff were concerned about Ahmed’s safety and wellbeing if […]