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AI for social impact

Ryan from Tech for Impact dives into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence for NFPs and how to maximise impact. How AI can be used to tackle pressing social issues, can help enhance NFP support for communities, how it can boost team productivity and improve […]

Bridging Visa R Regime in the wake of NZYQ v Minister [2023] HCA 37

Laura John from Human Rights Law Centre and Cassandra Benjamin and Galen Jaffurs from Refugee Legal explain the critical legal need that has developed in this area and how we can help to address it. This webinar brings CPD points for lawyers and migration agents subject […]

Generative AI for NFPs

Generative AI is a powerful tool which has rapidly gained popularity over the past year. Its capability to enhance productivity and transform how work is performed is being experienced by the nonprofit sector today. This webinar, designed to help nonprofit professionals understand the basics of […]


Disaster Legal Help

Our thoughts are with all centres located in areas hit by extreme weather events over the Christmas and New Year period. Queensland is now experiencing compounding and cascading climate events. The long tail of community recovery from disasters means there will likely be an influx […]

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season

  Community Legal Centres Queensland will be closed from Friday 22 December 2023 until Monday 8 January 2024. If you need to contact a community legal centre over the holiday period – you can search for your local centre here: Please note that many centres […]

2024-25 State Government Budget Submission

Community Legal Centres Queensland is calling on the State Government to invest an additional $18.76 million in 2024-2025 budget to stem the flow of critical Community Legal Centre workers to better paid jobs and ensure the current suite of CLC services is maintained across Queensland. […]

Success Stories

Unscrupulous car loan reduced thanks to Cairns Community Legal Centre

Lenders are required to do certain checks before lending money to ensure that a loan is affordable and appropriate for the consumer’s needs. When lenders don’t properly perform these checks, it’s the vulnerable members of our community, who are often in financial stress, who suffer […]

LawRight helps Sally to free herself from financial stress

People who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness typically experience multi-faceted trauma, in addition to financial and social challenges, which compound barriers to services, supports, and change. Sally*, a single mother of three children, was experiencing homelessness when she attended one of LawRight’s Community […]

Understanding Coercion and Control in relationships

When women experience domestic and family violence and relationship breakdown, the legal issues multiply.  Misidentification of a victim as the perpetrator is also a significant issue that has enormous consequences for the victim survivor. Lila* was in a violent relationship and was charged with breaching […]

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