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Caxton Community Legal Centre

Caxton Legal Centre offers FREE legal information and referrals to all callers.

Caxton offers FREE legal assistance and FREE social work supports to eligible clients who cannot afford private assistance and who don't qualify for Legal Aid. The service eligibility criteria includes income limits, legal problem type limits and scope of service limits, for some programs.  The eligibility criteria is published on Caxton's website.

Caxton services people living in the Greater Brisbane Region, but also statewide for some programs.  Its offices are in South Brisbane but services are provided using a range of methods and technologies including telephone, in-person appointments, email, video-conferencing, attendance at courts/tribunals and various outreach locations (hospitals, aged care, respite centres, refuges) and home visits.

Caxton also publishes the online self-help Queensland Law Handbook as well as a range of factsheets and self-help kits.  They undertake community legal education and law reform activities.

FOR CLIENTS: Client Services will talk with you about what assistance you need and book an appointment for the day or evening - call (07) 3214 6333.   Legal help is available for:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Elder Abuse (including at hospitals throughout Greater Brisbane Region)
  • Family Law (including at the family law courts Statewide)
  • Consumer Credit and Debt (Statewide)
  • Employment Law and Sexual Harassment (Statewide)
  • Discrimination and Human Rights
  • General Civil and Criminal Law
  • Coronial (Statewide)
  • Retirement Villages and Parks (Statewide)
  • Social Work Supports (including specific programs for Men Who Use Violence and Older People Experiencing Social Isolation)
  • Disaster Legal Assistance

FOR REFERRAL ORGANISATIONS: Caxton accepts warm referrals from other organisations, with the consent of the client.  Caxton delivers all of the above services via different programs.  These programs are listed below:

Human Rights and Civil Law Program - General civil and criminal law services day and evening.  Appointments required.

Domestic Violence and Family Law Program - Domestic violence and family law services day and evening.  Appointments required.

Family and Domestic Violence Duty Lawyer and Social Work Services - Family law duty lawyers and social work services are available at the Brisbane Family Law Courts 5 days per week.  Domestic violence duty lawyers are available for respondents at the Brisbane Magistrates Domestic Violence Court Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  These services are for anyone with a court hearing in these courts.  No appointments necessary.

Employment Law Service (Statewide) - Legal services day and Wednesday evening.  Appointments required.

Queensland (Workplace) Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Service (Statewide) - Legal services day and evening. Appointments required.

Consumer Credit and Debt (Statewide) - Legal services day and evening. Appointments required.

Seniors Legal and Support Service - Legal and social work supports for older persons experiencing elder abuse, mistreatment, neglect or financial exploitation. Older persons, family members, friends and service providers may contact Caxton. Hospital, home and aged care visits provided.  Appointments required.

Queensland Retirement Village and Park Advice Service (Statewide) - Legal services for existing and prospective residents of retirement villages and manufactured home parks. Home visits in Greater Brisbane Region available. Appointments required.

Coronial Assistance Legal Service (Statewide) - Legal advice about any aspect of the coronial process and representation for bereaved family members appearing in some inquests.

Financial Protections Service - Community worker provides information and referrals about finances in later life as well as community education services.

Multicultural Advocacy and Legal Service - Multicultural Legal Service at World Wellness Group for persons who have mental health issues.  For patients of World Wellness Group.

Court Plus for Men - Casework supports for men who use violence. For clients of Caxton in other programs.

Social Connections Worker - Casework supports for people who experience social isolation.


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1 Manning Street, SOUTH BRISBANE QLD 4101


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Statewide for some services.

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Opening Hours

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Opening Hours
Client Services – Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Daytime advice appointments – Monday to Friday (by appointment) Evening advice appointments – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (by appointment)