2024-25 State Government Budget Submission

Published on November 27, 2023

Community Legal Centres Queensland is calling on the State Government to invest an additional $18.76 million in 2024-2025 budget to stem the flow of critical Community Legal Centre workers to better paid jobs and ensure the current suite of CLC services is maintained across Queensland.

Our investment proposal outlines how the investment in the vital social infrastructure of CLCs will:

  • Maintain the current suite of CLC services to ensure Queenslanders get the services they need
  • Assist to attract, retain and develop the existing CLC workforce
  • Help CLC to be competitive ‘employers of choice’   and ensure vacant positions are promptly filled
  • Show frontline workers they are valued and support diversity and inclusion
  • Ensure regional, rural and remote are not left behind
  • Provide CLCs with essential ICT assistance to transition from the current CLASS client database to a new CMS by June 2025
  • Increase the capacity of the state peak body to provide effective support and sector development to a CLC sector growing in size and complexity, including advocacy on key policy issues, and coordination of disaster response and CLASS transition.

Our Investment Proposal is in line with the Queensland Government’s priorities and objectives for the community including supporting good, secure jobs and backing frontline services to improve social outcomes across Queensland.

Read our full State Budget Proposal 2024-25 here.