NLAP Issues Paper released

Published on August 30, 2023

The National Legal Assistance Partnership Review Issues Paper has been released.

The Issues Paper poses questions in 16 key areas related to the current NLAP and possible future arrangements, but also invites submissions and evidence on any areas raised more generally in the Review Terms of Reference (Schedule A of Issues Paper).

It is also noted that the Attorney-General’s Department are identifying funding model options (ie. how Commonwealth funding levels are determined and can used by the various subsectors of the legal assistance sector) and will release an options paper to the Review for consultation. This paper is not available yet.

The Issues Paper invites written submissions by 27 October 2023, but in the areas of Legal Need it invites people to provide any evidence of legal need as early as possible so that it can inform a technical group who will advise on the best use of evidence from a statistical perspective, which will inform the conclusions of the review.  In particular the review is looking for credible data sources of unmet need.

The Issues Paper can be found here.