Six projects receive funding with research and evaluation grants

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Published on September 23, 2020

Research and Evaluation grants have been announced by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General with six successful projects funded.

Congratulations to the following community legal centres: HUB Community Legal, Caxton Legal Centre, LawRight, Women’s Legal Service Queensland in partnership with North Queensland Women’s Legal Service, Central Queensland Community Legal Centre and YFS Legal.

Here is more detail on the successful projects:

  1. HUB (evaluation proposal) – will undertake the evaluation of the feasibility and acceptability of the health justice partnership (HJP) between the HUB and Southern Queensland Centre of Excellence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Care (CoE) to ensure client’s needs are met and to make recommendations for improvements to service.
  1. Caxton Legal Centre (research proposal) – propose to undertake a research into innovative culturally appropriate service responses, best practice delivery of integrated support services, culturally specific outcomes for the theory of change and best practice in the delivery of community legal education.
  1. LawRight (action research) – will undertake a 12 month pilot within a HJP with the Mater Young Adult Health centre, to assess the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of an integrated, interdisciplinary Health and Law wrap-around intervention for assessment and treatment of health, social and legal needs of adolescents and young adults with chronic illness.
  1. Women’s Legal Service Queensland (research proposal) – in partnership with North Queensland Women’s Legal Service a research into the treatment of coercive control in domestic and family violence (DFV) matters, including women being misidentified as aggressors to assist community legal centres to better understand and respond to matters involving coercive control.
  1. Central Queensland Community Legal Centre (research proposal) – will research the digital inclusion, as determined by attitudes, access, affordability and ability to engage with information and communication technology, for clients of community legal centres. This research will inform how the Sector can improve services to clients in regional rural and remote Central Queensland.
  1. YFS (research proposal) – propose to undertake an action research task on the recently developed community legal education analysis and toolkit to trial, refine and improve its use in community legal education with First Nations people in Logan.This trial will ensure that the resources are relevant, useful, inclusive, safe and able to be replicated in other settings.
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