Housing and Tenancy

Security of housing, as well as being a human right in itself, is fundamental to the achievement of many other basic entitlements. Enjoyment of tenancy rights is central to the security of housing for disadvantaged Queenslanders.

Community Legal Centres Queensland is member of the Make Renting Fair campaign which advocates for the reform of renting laws so people in Queensland can live in decent, safe places. Find out more about the Make Renting Fair campaign.

Laws protecting renters are set out in the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. The Residential Tenancy Authority assists tenants and property owners in Queensland with their tenancies.

QStars is a free independent advice and referral service for all Queensland renters. Call 1300 744263 and find out more on its website.

Tenants Queensland is a community legal centre that provides legal advice and assistance to Queensland tenants who live in rental accommodation, including caravan park and boarding house residents. Find out more about its website. It also provides training in tenancy law for tenant advocates.

Several Queensland community legal centres provide legal advice and assistance on housing and tenancy issues – search our legal help directory to find your nearest centre.

Below are a range of resources that provide additional information on housing and tenancy.