Community Legal Centres Queensland believes that an individual’s entitlement to human rights does not deteriorate with age but rather that these rights require protection at all stages of life. We support human rights advocacy for seniors and recognises the impact of age discrimination on the recognition and observance of these rights.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is any act within a relationship of trust which results in harm to an older person. It can be emotional, psychological, financial, physical or sexual abuse, or neglect.

Many people do not discuss their concerns with others because of feelings of shame, fear of retaliation, the involvement of family members or fear they will be institutionalised. Some people may not realise what they are experiencing is abuse, or feel that somehow it is their fault. Find out more about elder abuse.

Seniors Legal Advice and Support Service

If you are a victim of elder abuse or feel that you have been mistreated or taken advantage of financially, help is available. Senior Legal and Support Services (SLASS) provides free legal assistance, information and social work services for people over the age of 60.

The service can assist you with:

  • legal information and advice
  • social work services
  • short-term counselling
  • advocacy on your behalf
  • a referral to other legal, consumer and support services
  • representation in court or before tribunals (in certain circumstances).

You can get help by phone, appointment at a service centre or, where possible, they can visit you in your home or another safe location.

For more information contact your nearest SLASS centre:

Brisbane Seniors Legal and Support Service
Caxton Legal Centre Inc.
1 Manning Street
Phone: (07) 3214 6333

Cairns Community Legal Centre—Seniors Legal Service
Level 2, Mai Street Arcade, 82 Grafton Street
Phone:1800 062 608

Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre—Seniors Legal Service
Unit 6, 16 Torquay Road
Phone: (07) 4194 2663

Toowoomba Seniors Legal Support Service
The Advocacy and Support Centre Inc.
223 Hume Street
Phone: (07) 4616 9700

Townsville Community Legal Service—Seniors Legal Service
Unit 2 181 Sturt Street
Phone: (07) 4721 5511

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