ADA Law assisted Margaret to regain autonomy

elderly woman at kitchen sink

Fundamental to an older person’s autonomy is having the ability to make their own decisions about their life, including where and who they live with.

Margaret*, 74, was admitted to hospital after a fall. Her husband of 40 years, who also held Margaret’s Power of Attorney, advocated for her to not return home and to be admitted to an aged care facility.

Margaret did not want to live in an aged care facility, and it became apparent that her marriage to her husband was difficult and that he was using Margaret’s hospital admission to affect a separation and keep all the assets in the relationship.

ADA Law assisted Margaret to obtain medical reports that proved her functional and cognitive capacity and enabling her to revoke the Power of Attorney appointing her husband.  ADA Law helped Margaret get legal support to separate from her husband and for her to receive her share of the marriage property.

Margaret is now living in a supported independent living unit in a retirement community and has been able to reconnect with her local friend network.

*Name has been changed to protect her identity.

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