Expensive funeral plan refunded thanks to Brisbane Northside Community Legal Service


Betty* was pressured into signing up to a funeral plan costing more than $7000.

At the time of agreeing to sign the contract, Betty was alone and emotionally vulnerable as it was the anniversary of a significant date for her and her late husband. The sales agent was very persistent that she signed the plan then and there.  The cooling-off period had expired once she had received the contract documentation in the mail.

Betty requested the company cancel the plan but was told that she was unable to as she had signed a legally biding contract.

Brisbane North Community Legal Service assisted Betty draft a letter to the funeral plan company outlining how she felt pressured to sign the contract, and that the sales agent didn’t ensure that she understood what she was signing.  As a result of this help, the company fully refunded the money and cancelled her funeral plan.  Betty now has the autonomy to find a funeral plan that suits her needs and budget, without feeling pressured.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of clients