QAI helps John* get back his independence

QAI helps John* get back his independence

John was diagnosed with a cognitive impairment and a persistent depressive disorder. Due to an application by John’s mental health team, his finances were now being managed by the Public Trustee of Queensland.

John had a long history in business management and found the appointment of an administrator particularly embarrassing and demoralising. He felt that it was exacerbating his depressive symptoms. He was also concerned about the fees incurred because of the use of the Public Trustee.

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated helped John collect information and present it in a manner that showed he could manage his own finances. Queensland Advocacy Incorporated represented John at the QCAT hearing. QCAT ultimately decided that John had the capacity to manage his own finances and revoked the appointment of the Public Trustee. This helped John to regain his independence and confidence to manage his own finances.

*Not their real name

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