Rita’s children return home


Rita* is an Aboriginal woman with five biological children and strong ties to her communities in the Northern Territory and South Australia.

In 2014, Rita became the kinship carer for her niece and nephew, under child protection orders from the Queensland Government. It was a tough time for Rita. Her nephew had extreme behaviour issues. Rita had been diagnosed with depression. She was living with family in the NT so she didn’t get the usual government support from Queensland.

Rita had a nervous breakdown and assaulted her nephew. She informed Child Safety and the police, and was convicted of aggravated assault. Rita’s Blue Card was cancelled, her kinship carer certificate suspended, and the children were removed from Rita’s care and placed in foster care.

LawRight helped Rita to get her Blue Card back. Our lawyers helped her file submissions and affidavits in support of her application, prepare for a compulsory conference and take the steps to get her application to a hearing. We also connected Rita with barrister Kim Bryson for representation at the hearing.

At the hearing, the Tribunal set aside the Blue Card decision, and Child Safety later agreed to return the children to Rita’s care.

*This fictional name has been given to protect the client’s identity.

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