TASC advocated for Wendy so that her voice could be heard

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Wendy* was referred to The Advocacy and Support Centre’s (TASC) National Disability Advocacy Program by an interstate advocacy organisation.

Wendy has experienced mental and physical disability since she was born.She lives with constant fear and anxiety. This is often heightened when going through a separation of friendships and other relationships.

Wendy expressed to the TASC Advocate her discontent with a recent relocation to the Darling Downs.An interstate disability service provider had facilitated the relocation and continuation of their services to Wendy in her new location. This service provider had believed the move would benefit Wendy in terms of increased services and independence and would remove Wendy from a friendship which the service provider framed as non-beneficial.

Wendy had agreed to move to Toowoomba; however, she advised the Advocate that she had not fully understood the implications of the move and the impact it would have on her life. She had been disconnected from the social capital and familiarity of her former community and felt socially isolated.

Wendy was experiencing communication challenges with the service provider staff and her NDIS Support Coordinator was employed by the same organisation.

As requested by Wendy, the Advocate contacted the current service provider and raised Wendy’s concerns.The service provider had been unaware of these concerns and worked with the Advocate and Wendy to generate solutions and more positive outcomes. Moving forward, social engagement and assistance with social outings were prioritised. Wendy was supported in nurturing new friendships and in building confidence and familiarity with her new environment.

Through the experience of working with an Advocate, Wendy has strengthened her capacity to communicate more effectively with the service provider and have her ‘voice’ heard.Her right to ask questions has been validated. Wendy has expressed that she is content to continue living in the Darling Downs.

(*not their real name)

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