Disaster Management Law 101

July 25, 2023, 10am - 11am (Qld time)
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland

Disaster management law is an area of increasing focus for community legal centres and the legal assistance sector as it increasingly responds to legal issues across all aspects of the disaster cycle.

In this webinar, Monica Taylor from Community Legal Centres Queensland will provide an overview of Queensland disaster management law and arrangements. Legislative authority, functions and activities that underpin disaster management and operations in Queensland will be explained, as well as broader justice issues about concepts like ‘shared responsibility’ and how to safeguard human rights in disasters.

This webinar will be of interest to any workers in community legal centres who are keen to build their knowledge and understanding of Queensland disaster management law.

This webinar is being offered as part of the Disaster Resilience and Capacity Building Project led by Community Legal Centres Queensland, and jointly funded by Queensland Reconstruction Authority and the Commonwealth government.