Supporting communities affected by disaster: Insights, challenges and tips

Supporting communities affected by disaster: Insights, challenges and tips
August 9, 2023, 10am - 11am (Qld time)
Hosted by: Community Legal Centres Queensland

Disaster recovery legal work is a key aspect of community lawyering that will continue to develop as climate change increases in frequency and intensity.  Knowing ‘what works’ in delivering disaster legal help can be informed by a deeper understanding of how disasters impact people and communities.

In this webinar, Dr. Kate Brady from the University of Melbourne and Australian Red Cross will give a brief overview on how disaster affect individuals and communities and how this can affect the work of community legal centres. This session will look at impacts, the need for service coordination and communications challenges.

This webinar is being offered as part of the Disaster Resilience and Capacity Building Project led by Community Legal Centres Queensland, and jointly funded by Queensland Reconstruction Authority and the Commonwealth Government.

About the presenter: Dr. Kate Brady has had a distinguished career over the past decade in disaster recovery operations, programming and research. After establishing and leading the Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery program for 12 years, Kate is now a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and a technical adviser to Australian Red Cross and other organisations.

Most of Kate’s work focuses on what people find helpful and unhelpful after disasters. Throughout her career, Kate has had significant influence on State and National emergency management policy and has an international profile in collective trauma, risk and resilience and in disaster recovery program evaluations. In 2021, she became the host for ABC’s podcast ‘After the Disaster’.

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