Basic Rights Queensland helps Amy navigate complex welfare systems

Young woman looks thoughtfully and sadly through the window into the garden with children's toys.

Amy* contacted Basic Rights Queensland about her Centrelink debt of $10,000. Centrelink had stated that Amy had been overpaid because she had not reported her partner’s fortnightly income.

Amy did not know she was required to report her partner’s income to Centrelink. She was receiving intensive medical treatment during the period when she was overpaid, which had significantly affected her capacity to engage with Centrelink and understand her reporting obligations.

BRQ assisted Amy with obtaining the medical evidence to support an appeal of the initial Centrelink demand and provided a submission to Centrelink’s Authorised Review Officer advocating for the debt to be waived due to these special circumstances. The Authorised Review Officer exercised their discretion to waive Amy’s debt in full.

*Name changed to protect identity

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