LawRight helps Sally to free herself from financial stress

People who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness typically experience multi-faceted trauma, in addition to financial and social challenges, which compound barriers to services, supports, and change.

Sally*, a single mother of three children, was experiencing homelessness when she attended one of LawRight’s Community Health Justice Partnership locations and met with one of their pro bono lawyers.

Sally relied on Centrelink payments and was living with a number of physical and mental health conditions.  She sought help regarding a significant debt with a car finance provider.

LawRight and its pro bono lawyers negotiated with the provider over multiple months. The provider conceded it did not follow responsible lending requirements and the loan should never have been made to Sally in the first place.

The negotiations resulted in a sizeable waiver of the amount still owing under the loan and the provider allowing her to keep the car.

Sally was overjoyed at the outcome and sent the following to LawRight: “The team at Lawright literally saved my life! Back in 2016 I was suicidal, homeless and in debt with no way out. It was a very dark time. They have had my back for six years now and words cannot explain how much the unwavering support has helped me become the person I am today with next to no debt, and life skills that I would not have gained anywhere if not for them.”

*Name changed to protect identity