Understanding Coercion and Control in relationships

A woman of Indian descent stands on the patio of her apartment and looks thoughtfully into the distance.

When women experience domestic and family violence and relationship breakdown, the legal issues multiply.  Misidentification of a victim as the perpetrator is also a significant issue that has enormous consequences for the victim survivor.

Lila* was in a violent relationship and was charged with breaching a Domestic Violence Protection Order.  Her family support worker referred her to HUB for legal assistance.

HUB Community Legal’s lawyers spent time with Lila to understand her situation and identified she was in fact the victim of domestic and family violence and in urgent need of protection. The lawyers found Lila’s partner was perpetrating a pattern of serious coercive control placing Lila at serious risk of harm, in addition to the systemic abuse she was now facing due to the Domestic Violence Protection Order against her.

HUB’s lawyer helped Lila obtain a final Domestic Violence Protection Order against her partner, protecting her safety and well-being. With the lawyer’s assistance and advocacy, Lila also had the criminal charges against her dismissed based on the recognition that she was the victim of domestic and family violence rather than the perpetrator.

As a result of HUB’s assistance, Lila’s life changed significantly.  She has been given some legal protections, accessed support to leave her abusive relationship, and had her criminal charges dismissed.

*Name changed to protect identity