Women’s Legal Service supports Susan and her children

Women fleeing domestic and family violence face many challenges including access to financial support and housing. The housing crisis has compounded these difficulties, resulting in too many women and children living in insecure and unsafe accommodation, or remaining in abusive relationships.

Susan* was pregnant and living in a tent with four children all aged under six. Susan was unable to access refuge accommodation when she left her violent partner. Susan had limited access to Centrelink payments as she was not an Australian citizen and her former partner alleged she was dishonest with Centrelink. Susan assessed that her best prospects for housing and employment was to return to her home country where she had more support.

Susan sought assistance from Women’s Legal Service for an urgent application to the court for an international relocation. As a result of the assistance Susan was able to get an urgent final hearing at the court so that she could get an urgent resolution for herself and her children.

*Name changed to protect identity